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The Host (Movie)


“Kiss me like you want to get slapped.”

– Wanda/Wanderer (in Melanie’s body)

Ah, I’ve been longing for a good post of a single review for a long time. I’m sure my blog even was longing for it too.

Recently, I have watched a lot of movies and I didn’t have a hard time in picking from which movie will I start. Somehow I wasn’t wanting to watch this and at the same time I want to. I guess it was out of curiosity that I was quite waiting for this movie to come out. Although, I am slightly taken aback for the fact that this was based on the novel written by the same author who wrote the overly luscious (to me, way before) and the famous vampire saga of all teenage time.

Just when my mum and I had time in our hands, my dad and bro in our capital city, and my mum longing for that bond we should always have, we decided to watch his movie which apparently, I have chosen it for us (instead of It Takes a Man and a Woman). Then with the large popcorn of cheese in between our seats and the  big screen in front of us, we were ready to zone out to the movie.

IF you don’t want to be spoiled and just want to know how good the movie is then please skip this part. **SPOILER ALERT**



Earth has been inhabited by an intelligent alien species known as “Souls.” Although an incredibly peaceful race, Souls can only survive by being inserted into a host body, taking control of their minds. In an effort to discover the secret whereabouts of some of the last remaining human resistances, the Soul Wanderer has been inserted into the human being Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan), who was captured while attempting to locate her family. After insertion, Wanderer comes to realize an unsettling fact- Melanie has not faded away in consciousness, and in fact is putting up walls in her mind to prevent her family from being found. As time passes and Wanderer tries to break Melanie’s walls, she begins to feel sympathetic toward the humans Melanie loves so dearly- her brother Jamie (Chandler Canterbury) and her partner, Jared Howe (Max Irons). Wanderer becomes torn between loyalty to her own race, trying to give information to the argumentative Seeker assigned to her, and her blossoming love for the humans in her memories. As Wanderer’s and Melanies trust builds, they embark on a journey through the desert to find the resistance, nearly dying in the process. Wanderer awakens to find herself captive in the den of the enemy, and realizes her problems have just begun: the humans want her dead, the doctor wants to experiment on her, she may have accidentally lead the Seekers here, and she has become hopelessly in love with Jared, the man who belongs to the human she occupies. What follows is an inspiring story of friendship, love, and loyalty in which the bonds of human brotherhood are tested, and an alien discovers that in all the planets in the universe she has experienced, humans are the only race she would give her life to save. . . .


First off, I want to make myself clear. It’s sad to say though that I haven’t read the novel that Stephenie surprisingly written. Know for a fact that I was planning to but as time passed by, management of money was difficult and so was saving money. Apparently, with that, I couldn’t tell if the Director, Andrew Niccol, has ever brought justice to the book. I know. I know. I can hear some of you lot saying that it’s really better to read the book before you watch its movie. Honestly, to all you bookworms, I have abided to that rule ever since (except for Harry Potter though. Haha). This just kinda broke the record.

Anyhow, I thought of the movie quite alluring. It had that side sci fi to it. But anyway, it is alluring in a way that I wouldn’t doze off like how “some” people I know would (which is quite unsual for me to happen in a movie house). Again, I don’t know if the movie too brought justice to the book in terms of their actors and their acting.

I must say that Saoirse Ronan (acted as Melanie Stryder) really looks good in acting her role..though, I’m not exactly sure when it comes to just being a voice in the head. I don’t know why..maybe it’s just me, but don’t get pulled out because of that. For most, she at least brought us to laughter by how her voice tells her reaction to situations like when Wanda/Wanderer would kiss Ian (Jake Abel), Melanie’s voice was that of anger and it was funny to watch and listen. There are more of those and it came out nicely. It gives a side comedy to the film.

For the rest of the cast, I found out that there are some faces who are new in the industry and yet would bloom because of this film as supposed so. Well, we’ll never know that a pedestrian in the film would be a huge star the next. Of course, there’s always newbies per film production. If I’m wrong..then what I mean to say is most of the time there are newbies. Haha. Or sometimes…or..urgh!

The transitions of the scenes are great and understandable unlike a few films where there’s a jump and gaps unfilled and only left to stare at them on how the heck it would be like connected and in its glorious form. In English, at least, the movie is unlike those that jump from one scene to another without seeing any motivation or such drive to the next scene you’re seeing (you would have that “huh?” face).

There are scenes that brought some drops rolling down my cheeks because it touches the subject of “letting go”, sacrifice which is caused by love. Wanda, a foreign life form in the human race, had that connection with the humans where in the end, she would even sacrifice herself. Ugh. Such an ache in the heart and I just can’t! *cries quietly* This is what happens when you’re attached or you relate to the characters (but that ain’t a bad thing).

Ok. *sniff* Let’s talk about the texture of the movie. What I mean by texture is well…I always see that each movie has some kind of different feel or look and that’s what they call or I may call as the texture of the movie. I just like to point that out because even if it sounds insignificant, it actually affects how we see the movie, how real would it look like for us or how much it affects our imagination. You know, it’s a boost up point  in those horror or gore movies that makes us flinch.

One example, for a thriller/gore genre, is Final Destination. In all of the FD movies (and most gore movies), their similar texture is that of sharpness. Clear. The sharpness and clarity emphasizes the goriness of the film. Our inward or outward flinching would always be active. It wouldn’t make us flinch though if we put the texture that Twilight uses,  a hazy, misty look. No, nope, not a flinch when we watch Bella bleed after being bitten by a vamp (although, the texture became different in the next sequels because they were made by a different production team). Not a good texture for a Final Destination film. Just pragmatically speaking.

Anyway, after such a short lecture, let’s go back! The texture of The Host was sharp yet soft, clean and–I don’t know what correct term to use–bright. Bright in a way it makes the technology look more scifiish. Haha. It’s kinda similar to Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief…I think. I’m just rather commenting on how I see it and maybe bright may not be the right term. If you get to see the film, comment me of what may be the supposed correct term of what I meant..and even suggestions of the texture.


The costumes were nothing much I should meddle about. They were able to bring out the difference between alien overshadowed humans and normal humans. Apparently, the different kinds of sets were great and there was no confusion of where they are and how it affects the transition. Although, there are some where I feel that it was held in a closed space. Like where they were outside and it feels or looks like it’s in a big room filled with trees and a bunch of grass. I can point out one scene where the Seeker and Wanda were alone outside talking to each other (this is before Wanda & Melanie ran away). It just looks like a room. Well, other than that, in addition, the texture of the film was able to emphasize the futuristic tech of the aliens in the set.

Last but not least, music has brought justice to the film. The background music wasn’t much of a bother. It has supported the film well enough. The only thing bothering me was for them to use Radioactive – Imagine Dragons as one of their music. Although, I’m starting to accept it as an okay.

For not reading the book and just heck watched the movie out of curiosity, I found it one of the best sci-fi romantic films I have ever seen, not that I haven’t watched any movie even related to that genre (and lo’ and behold, I can’t recall a film).

I would surely recommend you guys to watch this *winks* It’s worth it.

Much love,

Megan x




So Much Things Going On


Alrighty then. I know what you’re thinking right now. OH! Look at missy i-thought-she-aint-posting-anymore girl. She’s posting already some…posts! (chuckles) Well, give me some  time as I slowly peep in and out of the hole I’ve been living in the writing wonderland. From time to time, I was thinking of writing some more posts but it always ends up in drafts (and now most of them have been deleted). So, no way am I starting anew or anything like that. Well, I was planning but that’s just darn right tiring.

You see, thrid year college here in Xavier University of Cagayan de Oro city in the Philippines (I’m sorry that was too sophisticated, I’m keeping up my writing juices :p), it’s typically tough…especially when you’re 19 years old, a Business Administration, Finance Major, and a Company Manager (we prefer to call it like that but majority of the school population and others refer to it as “President”) of the university’s resident theater organization (yes pressurepressurepressure). Surely, if you’re in my shoes, you know how hectic my schedule is that I got no freakin time to update my blog D: how sad..

Ok! After such a tiring third year, it’s SUMMER! Dance everyone! Whoop! Yes, it’s summer here in the Phil! Everyone’s been waiting for this. Now I can have some writing done, reading novels done, video editing done…and yeah (all…hopefully) done. Despite the fact it’s summer, I’m still busy as the Company Manager of our theater organization, Dulaang Atenista [DA] (have I ever mentioned before this org—oh, yeah, I did). We did some strategic planning, and at the moment, had some meetings with the officers, Artistic Director and some (or few *shrugs*) committed members.  More meetings to come! Hectic I tell ya! But at least this is only focusin’ on theater *smiles* love! love!

We are planning some summer activities and also plans for our upcoming 25th season! OHMYGUSH! DA is turning 25! And I’m the CM and I’m— *dead* (faints rather lol) So many things going on this year! Not only for my theater organization..but my life here and now, this year! Ah! Good and bad! A lot of things!

Hold up! Before I could tell you what I’m gonna encounter this year…

Since my love for One Direction has grown, I began to delve into the fanfiction guild of the fandom. Let me tell ya, I have come up a lot of in, a LOT of ideas! You should’ve seen my notebook (…of ideas). And the first idea, I surely want to focus on. It has come up to the point where I made a trailer of it. Although, it was supposed to be a sneak peek but it turn out longer than expected. I made it in one of those nights where I didn’t feel motivated to write (writer’s block). Unexpectedly, I finished it around 3 in the morning, I think. And come to think of it, I was winging with the clips, music and audio/voice-overs. You know, random! Right now, it’s already attracting a lot of Directioners and I shyly appreciate the comments about how nice it is (especially the comments where they said they cried watching it. ohmygush seriously?). The said fanfiction I was talking about is called “For The First Time“.

It’s a Niall Horan Fanfiction. I posted the trailer last year and now everyone’s been begging for me to post the story. Here’s the thing, I haven’t finished chapter one yet. Again, my college life is one hectic and rough ride. At least now, since it’s summer, I get to write. The creative feels and writer’s block is not helping me much though but it’ll be all good soon. After the For The First Time trailer, I made another trailer for a One Direction fanfiction of mine called Stolen Shot. 

I have more ideas but they’re never fully plotted or there’s no full gist you know. But anyway, because of the outcome of my trailers, other than comments in posting those fanfics, I was requested to do a trailer for a fellow directioner who’s following me in twitter. She’s sweet. The challenge though about her trailer was that I didn’t get to read her fanfiction in that time because it was Brazilian. I gave her my promise like I think, 2 months or a few weeks before I released her trailer. It was called “Querido Harry (Dear Harry)“.

Once she saw it, she was glad and it was what she envisioned. Although, I didn’t feel the enthusiasm because she was using all small caps. Eh, psychology in the text gets me. I didn’t get her full name though but you can see her or even follow her on twitter (click) and check out her story (click). It’s Brazilian though so make sure to use Google Translate…or whatever *smiles*

Ok! Now transitioning to what I’m going to encounter this year…!!

First..Ever since I posted the trailer, I had requests coming in. Right now, I have five requests. FIVE REQUESTS! Can’t you believe it?? (Although, I’m just prioritizing  four requests only) I’m starting to get worried that I might disappoint these people because I still have so many things to do. Although, I promised to push myself this summer into finishing these requests before summer’s over. Oh lawd asdfghjkl

These are 1D trailer request messages in my youtube inbox

These are just three 1D trailer requests messages in my youtube inbox

Next, one of the other things that I’m busy with, other than theater and making some trailers, I am focusing on writing my (already mentioned) fanfiction, For the First Time. I have been receiving a lot of “When is it posted?”, “Where can I read it?”, and “Where is it? I can’t find it” comments. It’s like majority of the comments. It didn’t bug me but I’m just annoyed that my creativity flows never have the right timing with my life schedule. When I finally have free time, I won’t have this motivated or inspired feeling to write (gush, this is so sad..).

I hope I won’t be like myself in the past where I do have lots of fanfiction ideas in a notebook or two for Danny Phantom (fan of it before, *whispers* even had a crush on the character *cough*) and never had much progress. Surely, my fanfiction account is long gone. I have to bring it to myself that I have to keep on writing and motivate myself. ‘Cause, what the heck, I want to be an author soon so I have to get a good move on.

For me to inspire myself, I thought of going to a place where I could breathe good vibes and linger in an atmosphere of the feels I want for my story or the feels that I needed to get my hands creating a satisfying story.  I then remembered Chingkeetea where I usually hang out with one of my closest best friends in the theater org.

In my first writing day there, it was quite noisy and I wasn’t satisfied with the partial outcome of my story (the prologue). I even tweeted about it, the ‘went to Chingkeetea’ part. And VOILA! Chingkeetea’s twitter account replied to me to come at 10 am to do writing because that’s when they open. Meaning it’s still peaceful and quiet, not much people around.

Surely, I found my sanctuary for writing, other than my room. My thinking bean bag doesn’t do much. It just makes me fall asleep. Or so it does when it’s night time. Hehe.

The thing about Chingkeetea is the good feel vibes (when there’s no people around) and the songs they play. I always hear And The Boys – Angus & Julia Stone play whenever I enter the milk tea shop. They play from Angus to Regina Spektor. It gives me that feel that I feel when I see those vintage kind of photos I see on Tumblr.



To even add to my inspiration tank before I enter my “sanctuary” (kudos!), I even once in the first few days, went to a book store, and a convenience store. Plus, when in my “sanctuary” (lol) I gave my character’s name, Anna, instead of my real name so when the employees writes it in the milk tea plastic cup and call the name, I would feel that I am the character. It sounds weird but it helps.

ok...make that EMILY..

ok…make that EMILY..

(I mistakenly called myself EMILY instead of Anna in this time so yeah…whoops..)

I had some company though in some days but I found out that it’s better when I’m alone because I get distracted. That annoys my inspiration tank.


I can tell you more of my writing journey in Chingkeetea in another post. So moving forward!

Well, as you can see the LATE POST REVIEW, that goes to show I’m still doing reviews in the books I read, the movies I watch, the music (especially the new)I listen and the news I hear. I’ll try my best to do that after every time I do those things. I’ll also be rearranging some things in the blog especially the categories I made. Anyway, soon, I’ll be posting my reviews on The Host, It Takes A Man And A Woman, and Olympus Has Fallen. 

Yes! Wow..

I can see though that I’m taking quite a long time when I write my posts but fear not, I am planning to make a vlog, mostly on the parts where I have to make reviews. Oh good gracious me, I can’t believe I agreed to that thought. You’re going to see my face! Ack!


And speaking of blog & vlog stuff…if you’re not a Directioner or not into One Direction then skip this *stares*…


This year, I am also planning to make another blog (not here in wordpress) for my One Direction—ness. HAHA. I have grown in love with these boys that I figured that I won’t lose my interest in them at all. The boy band feels is a new thing to me. It is nothing compared to being a fan of a rock band called Linkin Park. Nope. The British boy band is not like my everyday life when I was in love with the hardcore rock band (Although, I still love that rock band. Gush, can’t believe I’m into such variety of music).

What I envisioned for the design of the blog would be like made out of drawings and YES, I would have a drawing self. And I’m surely bound to have some kind of signature look…especially in my vlogging times. A hair clip maybe? HAHA I don’t know.

doesn't look exactly likes this though..

doesn’t look exactly likes this though..

In my One Direction blog, I would be updating of what the boys are doing, but mostly giving out my reviews and reactions them in my vlog videos. Not only will I post about what the boys are doing but the situation in the Directioner fandom like in twitter, tumblr, facebook and even in youtube. I’ll be suggesting some creative and great music videos, fanfictions, artwork and etc. made by fellow direcitoners that I found.


And of course, I’ll also be posting and updating my fanfictions, videos, and whatsoever. I hope I’ll do well in this *smiles* My blog plan would be to post every once a week. I hope that schedule would work out..and I hope my schedule in my 4th year in college won’t destroy my plans. I hope for the best. ESPECIALLY, when the 1D movie is going to be out! OHMYGUSH! Woah, Meg, calm down. Don’t want your fangirling to annoy the readers….sorry..


OK, NON-DIRECTIONERS! YOU CAN COME OUT NOW! Just some words to say..

Well, that’s all the updates and the stuff that’s going down this year. YES! SO MUCH THINGS GOING ON! Whoop! I hope I can finish the things I promise myself to before summer’s over. If I don’t, I’m going to be so frustrated about myself.

Take care guys! God bless!

Comment if there’s things you don’t understand or if you have any questions (And no, I didn’t even say “only”).

Much love,

Meg xx


LATE POST REVIEW: The Hunger Games

WARNING: Spoilers if you haven’t read or watch the said title 🙂

“May the odds be ever in your favor”

You must have heard that line all the time. I have and I even see them everywhere in tumblr. I’m talking about those times before the movie came out. Those times when you just saw the teaser of it. Well, if you’re one of those people who haven’t read the book before the teaser then hello to you too, buddie! I have lied a lot about reading this book during the time where the teaser has shown up..but yeah, I didn’t want to feel like a loser or someone left out. Besides, after they bring up the question if I have read the book or not and a couple of talks about it here and there, they would give up the topic after some nods from me. I know it’s so wrong but yeah, just like my previous posts, did not expect to like this.

Actually, who wouldn’t? I dare regret to not have been interested in the book in the first place, in the first time I saw it in the usual National Book Stores here in the place I grew up. I guess, I was judging the book by its cover. Sorry, to all book lovers. Don’t dare say that I am not worthy to be called book lover like you guys. That was a slight setback, alright? Ok, minor…or so. Whatever.

Anyway, I should’ve made this review days ago after I have watched the movie the second time, this time, with my family. To be honest, I have finished the book after I watched the movie the first time. It was kinda the first time for me to watch a movie where I haven’t finished its book. Ugh, the feeling is kinda bad…

The first time I watched the movie was with a bunch of my DA friends. We watched it at night because we had a strategic planning and sorts at the day. At the same time, during the planning, 2 of the “May the ODDS be ever in you favor” printed shirts were delivered to me by a friend of mine. Salutes to her! It was amazing but I didn’t like the quality of the white shirts I picked for them. I was even nervous if my friend, Dennis, would be able to fit in the shirt or even like it.

The cinema in Lim Ket Kai mall we were in kinda sucked. I thought it was normal or what but when I watch the movie the second time with my family in SM cinema, I can totally hear the sound, the music and have a clearer vision of the movie unlike where I watched with my DA friends.

Ok, about the book first…

This is how the cover of the book I got looks like..

Like how one reviewer said, it was a good book to read. Apparently, the story, the concept is very unique and creative. I don’t know but I kinda thought about this kind of concept…in maybe, some kind of different universe [laughs]. Well, if only I didn’t get to see the teaser or trailer of the movie, then I would use my own perception, my own imagination of how my mind would make its ideal setting, characters and whatnot.

How it was written, how it was presented was given casually. It’s like there wasn’t given a general description about the whole thing. It was straight. It was a walk in the park kind of feel. As a reader, you just feel like you just entered in the room of someone’s life in an instant and you have to kinda catch up. It’s not a bad thing. The way how it was put was well done. Without much descriptions and what not and the way it was delivered, you can really know what’s going on without being confused or lost. It’s a jump right in the story kind of thing. Well, that’s how I think about it..

Although, I also think the writings is reflecting how the personality of the character is since it’s first point of view of Katniss Everdeen. Of course, it was proper but I guess it’s because I haven’t encountered such in a lot of times. First point of view books that I have encountered were delicately descriptive like those of Nicholas Sparks and yeah, also the Twilight books. The Hunger Games book, like I said, felt like a “jump-right-in” kind of feel. The book looked or felt humble by its writings but it was a beautiful concept, a wonderful story. I would maybe buy the next book soon since I heard they’ll be making the movie out of it..

The movie..

Ok, I won’t be explaining and comparing and whatsoever between the 1st time and second time I watched this movie. The only difference is between the SM mall and LKK mall cinemas. Duh. SM’s cinema is way better than LKK because, like I said, I can really hear and see better in their cinema unlike LKK.

Right in the movie, it was superficially exciting. I really like how they show the setting of the story. Maybe though it’s because I had seen the trailer before I read the book and got used to its sort of atmosphere and texture that I implemented it in my imagination and don’t have my own ideals. Oh, well, too late for that.

The movie was almost perfect but what some reviews have said, as I have heard from my father, they missed out on the good stuff and the good sense of the parts of the book. There are parts there where it exists but it was kinda tweaked a bit; placed some changes. After finishing the book and saw the movie for the second time, I would generally point out in my mind the parts that were shifted.

For example, the “wolves” part. What was described in the book was Katniss saw and knew that those creatures were their competitors especially Rue. They were mutated or some sort. It wasn’t described there but well, like how my father explained and how I would consider, the ones making the movie are doing what they can to make it fit into 2 hours and maybe even to help for their own convenience. You know, they also have limitations…so yeah..

Whatever their reasons are…the movie is still awesome! [gleams]

I really enjoyed it! It’s really worth watching again and what not [laughs]. Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson and the rest of the actors, in my opinion, really fit the part. Well, the fact that I finished the book in between the 1st and 2nd time I watched its movie, it kinda depends on the timing and so on.

My parents love it. They love the concept, the idea of the story. Although, my father said he finds it impossible for such thing to happen in the future. You know, towards North America turning into Panem and yadda yadda. Well, I don’t know but that’s his talk. My father’s way of..sigh, whatever [chuckles].

The action was awesome and the feel of the movie was great! Seriously! When watching it, especially during the 2nd time, I really can’t control the giddiness inside me. It’s like I’m in a state of a new feeling…or maybe it’s just the aircon, but yeah, the movie was great. You guys who haven’t watched it, seriously, you have to [smiles].


Much love,

– Megan xx


Guitar Man

I thought I understood it, but I was wrong. I have to feel it, hear it and be moved by it. For 19 years of my life, I don’t know why it came to me now. Is it because I’ve become mature to understand it? Or is it because at this time, I needed it. I am reminded. I am overwhelmed by the beauty of it. Even though it may be because of the silence surrounding us, but I am just captivated by the emotion of those strings, plucked by its player. The musician, whose name I have forgotten, was neither closing his eyes nor moving. He just played what he knows. He just takes his fingers and his life, strumming and plucking the notes as he gradually glows with the music. Again, I thought I understood it, but I was wrong. I have to listen to it, to allow it and to be open to it, and yet it’s all a matter of timing.

No one can have the same exact feelings with anyone. Only you know how it feels. No one else. It’s yours to keep. It’s yours to feel and remember it. It’s  your decision on what you do with it. As for me, I let it overcome me. Let it be good or bad for me but it was my haven or like how my mom would say I’m in “my own world”. I don’t mind. It’s true anyway. Every time I’m not doing anything, my hands would be itching for my earphones to listen to any kind of music. It’s not being pessimistic. I just want something to feel to. I just want my mind to play a memory that I never had but I have felt. It’s all in the song. It’s all in the music.

I’m sure you would be asking me why am I not pursuing in playing an instrument? Or why am I not taking up singing? Or be in a band? Or writing a song? I would laugh at the singing part though. Sadly, I admit I have no talent for that. I have no great talent even in writing a song and I’m not planning to start a band even. Would it matter though if I don’t have these things? Would that even label me as a non-music lover? Surely, everyone would agree to the fact that it’s not true. We all know what matters is you love to hear it. You love to hear the sound, the beautiful melody, the voice, and the emotion. But then again, we don’t know if we have the same exact feelings that the other has in a certain moment. It is yours to know and only know.

For me, I am in love with it because I want something to wash away on. I want something to make me feel something that I want to feel. I want something that can understand what I’m going through. I want something to take me somewhere else and make it a memory. I want to be a part of it. Going back there, the cold air of the university’s theater, the unusual silence of the performers, and the wave of music brushing around us, I knew. I understood it. I had the chance to take a picture of the moment before it fades away. On that day, it was official. I am in love with music. I don’t want to take it as a side dish. I want to take it as a whole, a main event.


This is a reflection regarding the picture that I made for my English 41 class. If you like it, Favor 🙂 Please like and if ever, please do comment it in my facebook (link below). It’s for my Eng41 =.= i know right? Our teacher said if it reaches 100 likes, perfect grade daw…ohmygosh. Anyway, thanks for those who do 🙂 Lots of love! xx

Going in One Direction this Summer

“Get out! Get out! Get out of my head!
And fall into my arms instead
I don’t, I don’t, don’t know what it is
But I need that one thing!

So, Get out! Get out! Get out of my mind!
And come on, come in to my life!
I don ‘t, I don’t, don’t know what it is
But I need that one thing
And you’ve got that one thing!” 

One Thing – One Direction

This was one of my most favorites among the songs of this claimed “phenomenal” boy band. Most favorites? Well, you see, I love all their songs! They’re all my favorites…so I take a term of “most favorites” because there’s an ultimate meaning for it. Haha. The song, for me, is genuinely dedicated to them too…even though they’re the ones who sang it HAHA. Well, if only I could sing it to them but I’m not that much of a good singer.

A boy band composed of 4 British plus 1 Irish young singers, One Direction has set forth their fame already in America. They started their lives in X-Factor. They auditioned individually right at the beginning and they were formed as a group right when they thought they were eliminated from the competition. They didn’t win in the end but they, at least, were third place. Simon Cowell formed them and he still continues to help them in their journey of being the famous boy band.

Maybe for some of you…this is a surprise. Even to me. I love music. Really, I do. I love various genres. If  you were to ask me what type of music I like, I will truly have a hard time telling you what. Most of the time I would enumerate various music artists and bands I like at the time like The Script, Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Greg Laswell, Matthew Mayfield, Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Christina Perri, Florene + The Machine, and the list goes on…

Previously, I was dreading to write/type a wordpress post about Il Volo.

 Too late now. Something else captured my music-fond heart.

Il Volo was one of the famous leaps of genre in my music life. I was into those music I have enumerated lately and this classical, operatic pop band composed of three Italian teenage tenors, came into my music life when I watched them sang live as a guest artist in American Idol.

Their so-called genre, Operatic pop, was so new in my list that I was really into them. As in, SO into them! I mostly love their beautiful, unique talent, their voices. And ever so, fan-wise, I love Piero Barone. He has this loud, deep voice that is such a huge wow-factor for all of us because when they were singing in American Idol, he was said to be 17 years old! A 17 year old tenor! That was amazing.

As you have read, I sound like I still love them. Well, yes…but it’s nothing compared to the feelings I have for One Direction. Haha. Although, I still appreciate the tenor trio because they have inspired me during those times. Inspired me by knowing how talented we all are. Just like how Kimi Raikkonen, a Formula 1 racer & a 2007 F1 World Champion, inspired me to never give up and do what you love to do, not what you don’t.

For One Direction , they have continued motivating me. That’s what celebrities or idols are supposed to do. For me, seriously, other than entertaining us, sharing us their talent, their thoughts, their music, their expressions, their art, they inspire us. How did One Direction do that to me? They inspire me because of the fact they are such young boys, they have fulfilled their lifelong dreams (It’s the same as how Il Volo inspired me too). I have realized this after a time of fangirling over their music, their handsome and adorable faces and personalities (especially Niall’s; the blonde hair). They are truly sweethearts!

How did it all start?

It was in tumblr and because of tumblr. Well, I wasn’t much drawn into them when I saw their pictures bursting out in my dashboard. I was still fangirling over Il Volo in that time. So I was like, “what the heck happened to the Il Volo posts? I didn’t follow any One Direction blogs…unless..*sigh*”. Yeah…in that time too, I thought that the boy band was just another Justin Bieber only 5 times big in the worthy list of girl squealing & fainting plus even a big picture of gayness for the guys to bully or rant about. I would sigh and say “what’s happening to the world?” (Hahaha vas happenin to the world? get it?)

I really wasn’t expecting to cross paths with this fangirling over the boy band. So, when scrolling over the tumblr dashboard, I try to completely ignore the picture posts, the animated .gifs, the text posts and loads more. Apparently, from time to time, I kinda would find the blonde guy (Niall) adorable on pictures, animated .gifs or so on when scrolling. But mostly, I continued on with my fangirling and adoration over Il Volo. Reblogs, likes and whatnot. My tumblr was one hell of an Il Volo blog. Haha.

But then, I couldn’t deny the feeling that I will get to know them soon….JUST. KNOW. THEM…and that’s it. Sigh, I was wrong at one point. The first song I heard from them…”What Makes You Beautiful”.

“Baby, you light up my world like nobody else
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
But when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell

You don’t know
Oh oh
You don’t know you’re beautiful

If only you saw what I can see
You’ll understand why I want you so desperately
Right now I’m looking at you and I can’t believe
You don’t know
Oh oh
You don’t know you’re beautiful
Oh oh
That what makes you beautiful”

What Makes You Beautiful One Direction

The ignoring wall has been destroyed by my curiosity. And no, I didn’t research them in google, I researched them directly in youtube. I wanna watch them. I wanna hear their voices coming out from their seen mouths. After I typed in their group’s name, I clicked in the the first link I saw. It was their live show in X-Factor, performing their “Gotta Be You”.

“It’s gotta be you
Only you
It’s got to be you
Oh, Only you”

Gotta Be You – One Direction

In that time, my love for Il Volo has been slipping away because I haven’t heard any updates from them. I couldn’t check their twitter account always because I was busy with my college life. Because of that, I was slowly losing my interest in them. As a music lover, I am always eager to find different songs, even different kinds. I found Greg Laswell, Matthew Mayfield, Jason Walker and even brought back Florence + The Machine into my liking. I guess, Il Volo would come back to me for some time in the future.

One Direction’s Gotta Be You didn’t fully capture my attention as you may have presumed it to be. It just gave me an understanding of why these girls are into this boy band. They have such angelic voices. Yet again, I thought…and only THOUGHT…that I was satisfied with my curiosity and ready to brush them off from my life. Well, that wasn’t over.

After listening and seeing that said live performance in youtube, their song took its toll on me. It has become, what it felt like, a month’s Last Song Syndrome (LSS). No matter what song I listen to, whenever I am off from my earphones, I would always hear that chorus playing in my head. I would even sometimes absent-mindedly sing it.

“It’s gotta be you
Only you
It’s got to be you
Oh, Only you”

At first I was trying to shake it off because I find it ridiculous but then soon I realized that I really like it. I don’t know…it sounds..catchy? I don’t know what correct term for it is. I felt lost though because I only know the chorus. These were not the only times I had an LSS and sing out of no intentions.

Way back to the time I heard their first single What Makes You Beautiful, I already had an LSS after I heard it. I sing absent-mindedly too, the first line of the chorus only. After that, I would let out an exasperated or frustrating growl. It didn’t last long though. Wrong again.

Again, I thought it was over. I thought I was satisfied with my curiosity. I was only bothered by the One Direction tumblr posts on my dashboard and that was it. It wasn’t making much of a big fuss over my busy college life. I was back with the thought of One Direction as another boy band of 5 Justin Biebers. Not much emphasis on the JB pun though.

Apparently, from surprising sources, they were reminding me of their existence, other than tumblr, there were few from radio stations and even from fellow students or blockmates but I didn’t let it take victor over me.

What got me back was my cousin. She was actually fond of them. Not a typical fangirl but she just loves their songs and especially this one guy, Zayn Malik.

I saw his picture as her phone’s wallpaper. No argument about that though, all the guys in the band are definitely handsome, gorgeous. What my cousin did was when we were already drying the dishes and she was playing songs already. I recognize the WMYB. I had an inward dilemma if I should groan mentally or let it be. Weird.

The next song was what caught my attention. It was definitely catchy and lovable. It was simple at the beginning of the song and their voices one by one with the tune, the beat and the rhythm of the song were in good, wonderful melody to my ears. When the chorus played, I so love it that I asked my cousin what’s the name of the song.

…One Thing… of my most favorite songs until now..

(music video is at the beginning of the post)

Well, sorry to disappoint you but that wasn’t it. I love the song but that was it. I didn’t get the chance to download it yet because I was busy with my college life and even preparing for the exams and some stuff for the theatre organization that I’m in. Ok, what really totaled me? What really drove me into being one of the directioner family? What really made me fall in love with all of their music completely? What really made me hold another blog in tumblr about them?

It’s quite easy.

It’s the same way how Il Volo got me.

Live show.

I know. I know. They should’ve already gotten me when I watched in youtube, their X-factor performance of “Gotta Be You“. That just wasn’t it. I was, in those times, holding myself away from the grips of loving them. I was trying to avoid loving them because of what I believed or what I thought they were or what I know would be. 5 Justin Biebers…hehe.

But not at this time. As far as I can remember, it was somewhere during the week of final exams and I was supposed to be studying for a particular subject or subjects but I heard their name in TV. My parents’ were watching Today show. Their names were announced and I automatically looked at the TV screen in our kitchen and there were the pictures of each of their faces as each of their names were enumerated respectively. They even gave out each of their different personalities like who’s the sensible one, mysterious one, the funny one and so on.

Somewhere in my mind, I was telling myself to go ahead and watch them live when I am intent to continue my studies. I did so continue my studies but to the surprise of my inner self, I asked mom to call me when they are already performing. When I was already back in my room, I was unusually eager to see them live. But this time, I didn’t shake it off. My most favorite song’s melody was playing in my head as I try to concentrate in studying.

My mom called out to me then but she told me to stay and watch the TV in the living room because she was too busy in making a cake for a client (my mom’s a cake artist) that she couldn’t afford to always focus on the TV. This time I waited and watched at the living room. I watched as the reporters were  interacting with their fans, keeping them excited for the coming of the British plus Irish boy band. After 15 minutes, more or less, the wait was over. I was unexpectedly feeling that oh, so familiar churn in my stomach. The same way I felt when I saw Il Volo performed in the  Late Night with Jay Leno. 

I was engulfed in the moment as they enter that I forgot my studies. That I almost forgot to call my cousin..

The whole time I was smiling. Something was already bubbling inside me about this boy band. I knew the 1st two songs they performed. What Makes You Beautiful and yes, one of my most favorites, One Thing. The last song, More Than This, was unfamiliar to me in that time. It was a sad song based on lyrics but with such wonderful rhythm and tune. What really got me sighing was when the Irish blondie took his solo. His voice was so beautiful. I’m serious! I couldn’t help but adore it so much that I put all my attention towards him.

Do you remember the time I said I find him cute in some tumblr posts? He’s clearly more than that when I saw him Live. So, with my cousin fangirling over the mysterious Zayn Malik , I am into the cute Niall Horan. It’s not only because of the face but how sweet he is and how carefree he spends his life. Haha. We all love his laugh though [giggles]

That’s the kind of guys I like. You know, don’t take yourself too seriously kind of guy. I have sometimes been the taking my life so seriously type of girl though and my liking for someone who’s opposite of me kinda heals you know. But, oh well, Niall is faraway and doesn’t even know me. We should always bare that in mind.

Honestly, and I’m so not doing this for humility’s sake, I am not like those fangirls who would get every picture and would do anything to get and blahblahblah. Oh, I’m not against you fangirls. It’s alright to do that but I’m very open-minded on how the boys would feel if I were screaming over the top of my lungs when they’re actually few feet close.

Yes, I know, the obvious fact they are famous and gorgeous, you couldn’t hold on to the fangirl inside you. I had those times but I have a clear new perspective now, not to hit my fangirling too much. Putting myself in those shoes now, I can imagine how I’m gonna feel that rush of starstruck through my blood and in my head. I’ll be lightheaded and I won’t remember what I would even say to a celebrity if I ever get a chance to interact with them.

I have felt and only practiced once and that’s when I met Mark Nelson for autograph signing and I told him that I was supporting him in the Amazing Race. Although, I couldn’t remember if I REALLY said “Amazing Race” or “American Idol”. Well, if I did say AI then he wouldn’t smile, shake my hand and say “Thank you for your support”.

I hope when I encounter one of my favorite celebrities especially One Direction and their Niall Horan, I would contain myself…and stay focus even though I’m lightheaded/start struck. By own perspective again, they still are like us. Teenagers with big dreams…but the fact theirs actually came true. Sigh, I’m so proud of them. Us, directioners, are so proud of them like proud mothers. Haha!

After watching Today Show, yeah, that’s where it started. After my studies and final exams, I began searching for them in youtube and let my attention welcome those One Direction tumblr posts. I followed all of them in twitter, although, they’re not yet following me back. I downloaded their music. I saved some pictures for my desktop wallpaper and phone wallpaper. I watched loads of youtube videos especially their video diaries!

After watching those from X-Factor, I kinda felt bad for not being in the beginning of their journey. Although, I cheered myself up by promising to somehow download and watch their journey in X-Factor.

Somewhere in the middle, I had laugh to myself that this is way different than my love for Il Volo. Haha which is a good thing. New experience is a way to go. But mainly, I’m laughing because I didn’t expect it. I didn’t expect to be such a big fan to the one band I disliked previously. HAHA. Unexpected..

So…right now, I still loving them each day. I have all their songs. I already have a tumblr blog dedicated to them. And now, I’m planning to write a Nialler fanfic [smiles]. The idea just popped in. It’s nothing that big.

It’s just something about a relationship between a young Irish singer of a famous boy band, Niall, who is ever so sweet, cute and carefree and ever so focus in his career with the boys and a young independent girl, Anna, who wants to travel around anywhere else, to runaway and stay away from the problems back home, to stop messing up things especially on other people’s lives, her love ones’ lives, to be free and have fun in life…while she still can.

How can I do that, you say? I couldn’t tell the details now that would spoil ya, you know. Inspiration has always come out from celebrities. As a lover of writing, it’s nice to have an inspiration from guys you like. I have to admit. Well, I don’t know Niall much so I wish to meet them someday and get to know them…even though it seems impossible [sigh]. But I’m not giving up hope [gleams].

One Direction has made my life so worthwhile. Other than staying to hear the kind of music I listen before, this British/Irish boy band brings music that will send a smile on your face and heart of utter joy and fun. You would see us jump around with the beat of their music and sing the lines of the song. Having fun. That’s what I like about One Direction.

Oh, about the issues of them being gay, well, it’s not that totally clear to me. For one moment they’re like this and the next they’re like that. I really don’t know them anyway. I mean, we don’t exactly know them. Two of them already have girlfriends. I couldn’t judge by what I only see in the videos. Maybe that’s how it is in their country…I don’t know. Or clearly…it’s just BROMANCE [winks].

Do I mind that they’re kinda bromance and all? Not really. If anything weirder than that, then maybe yeah…

Well, off with those issues!

One Direction has made my summer more awesome that it would be without them. If I wasn’t fond of them, I guess, I would be stressed out by the current problems and busy stuff I’m having right now…even though it’s already summer. I would also be bored maybe. Well, I have writing to do but it’s much better with them around…in a way that I don’t know how to put it or describe what I mean.

So…I hope you like them too. Please, don’t like them because they act “gay” or what but love their music! They really are giving that jamming, partying feeling when you listen to them. And c’mon, they’re not gay music, sheesh. Stop with the judging and have some love for music itself..[huff].

So, here’s some quotes I love from their music! And please do follow my One Direction blog [gleams]! Link below!
My One Direction blog: That One Thing

“Yes, I like the way you smile with your eyes
Other guys see it but don’t realize that it’s my, my loving.
There’s something about your laugh
That makes me wanna have to
There’s nothing funny so we laugh at n-n-nothing.”


“Every minutes’ like a lasso
Let’s just take it real slow
Forget about the clock that’s tick-tick-ticking”


“I so feel it every time
It’s just something that you do
Now as to why I want to
It’s everything about you! You! You!”


Everything About YouOne Direction 

“If I’m louder, would you see me?”

More Than This – Niall Horan; One Direction

If I’m louder, would you see me?
Would you lay down in my arms and rescue me?
‘Cause we are…the same.
You saved me, and when you leave it’s gone again”


“And when I see you on the street
In his arms, I get weak
My body fails, I’m on my knees


“When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight
It just won’t feel right
‘Cause I can love you more than this.
When he lays you down I might just die inside
It just don’t feel right
‘Cause I can love you more than this.
I can love you more than this. “

More than ThisOne Direction

 “Is your heart taken?
Is there somebody else on your mind?
I’m so sorry
I’m so confused
Just tell me
Am I out of time?

Is your heart breaking?
How do you feel about me now?
I can’t believe I let you walk away when

When I should’ve kissed you!”

I Should’ve Kissed You – One Direction

Now I’m climbing the walls
But you don’t notice at all
That I’m going out of my mind
All day and all night”

One Thing – Niall Horan; One Direction 

“Get out! Get out! Get out of my head!
And fall into my arms instead
I don’t, I don’t, don’t know what it is
But I need that one thing!

So, Get out! Get out! Get out of my mind!
And come on, come in to my life!
I don ‘t, I don’t, don’t know what it is
But I need that one thing
And you’ve got that one thing!” 

One Thing – One Direction

“Baby, you light up my world like nobody else
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed 
But when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell

You don’t know 
Oh oh
You don’t know you’re beautiful

If only you saw what I can see
You’ll understand why I want you so desperately
Right now I’m looking at you and I can’t believe
You don’t know
Oh oh
You don’t know you’re beautiful
Oh oh

That what makes you beautiful”

What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction

Directioner (#1DForLife; #HardcoreDirectioner) & Nialler; Mialler forever,


P.S. Again, follow my One Direction blog! [Click]

I Am Not Defined

Dear I Am Not Defined,
The thing is, I really like a boy since about two years ago. I don’t want to like him, I tried to talk to him (but everybody says I didn’t. Maybe I just don’t know the way to talk to him because I think he’s too special to talk with a girl like me. I guess he doesn’t like me a bit, in fact, I do believe he hates me. Two years have passed, and I can’t go out with anyone else because I just can’t stop loving him. I’m afraid it won’t be over. Right now, I just want to let him go, but I don’t know how, I can’t stop thinking about him and because of that, I consider myself pretty weird. I don’t like being weird.
– Desperate


Dear Desperate,

I just want you to know that no guy is any…

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MAGIS Awards 2012: Unexpected

“Magis Awards 2012…Achievement for Cultural & Artistic Excellence…Dulaang Atenista…DRAMA??”

Unexpected…yes, unexpected because I was just invited…and I didn’t expect anything…Ok, that didn’t sound right…redundant…Haha. Way to go for the girl who loves writing but didn’t write for a long period of time! Ugh, this is what I get..

Anyway…I’ll break it down..

I was so busy this week. Seriously, it’s summer! I know! But hey, that’s what you get for joining an organization. Well, I’m not angry about it. I have to face it. It’s a way of facing reality you know. When I have a job and what not…and well, I enjoy being in the organization…they’re family to me and their presence is ever unusual comparing to the presence of my close blockmates. Unusual in a good way.

Going back..

Our outgoing company manager gave me an invitation to the Magis Awards 2012. I asked why when I have never entered as such last year. He explained that I was the incoming company manager so I have to join and witness this event. It makes sense. I generally found out that we didn’t enter as nominees. So we expect to just sit back and watch the show on stage….just witnesses.

Oh, forgot…for those who doesn’t know what the Magis Awards 2012 is, it is an event in our school, Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan, where students and faculty will receive awards for doing more in what they do. By the word Magis, it means to strive more, to do more; to do things with an effort of more than 100%. Yeah, an Achievements awards night…well, we have to fill up and pass a form to be one of the nominees.

Kuya JC, our company manager, invited also Sheila, Yves & Fia to come with us to the said event. Regretfully, I forgot to text Fia about it but she was able to come with us for a short while before she went off to meet up with her sister.

The attire was eccentric! Well, not really…found it cool but the term was unfortunately new to me, Neo-Victorian. I realized that’s what Panic! At the Disco wore in one or two of their music videos. I kinda prepared my outfit at the day of the awards night. My mom, days before, already prepared an outfit for me but at the day of the awards, she just then researched how it actually looks like. So, we have to change my outfit.

Thankfully, I already have in my wardrobe and what’s just missing are lacy gloves and fishnet stockings. I have to buy them after my meeting with the officers and our artistic director in the afternoon. Good thing the meeting was short and it was all about our venue and such for our strategic planning days after that day. What a busy life, huh?

I directly went out of school and went to a certain store my mom told me to go to so I can buy my black lacy gloves and fishnet stockings. At the end of the hunt for those items, I was able to have black fishnet stockings but no proper gloves. I did buy gloves but they were white and included the fingers. Although, after such regretful feeling of ever absent-mindedly buying it, I planned to be creative…you know, cut out the finger parts and dye it black. Hahaha…I can use this for future outfits to come! And…I’m not being emo. I’m just being the rebellious type.

Anyway, night time, back at school, I got to meet up with all of them. We were all wearing our attire with the same color, black. Haha cool. I am so sure that they are wearing better outfits than what I was wearing. I just don’t like my top that’s all. I love the torso part, corset look and all but it’s kinda sleeveless and it has this simple ruffles at it and it points straight out that it emphasizes… my arms. Ugh…

Ok, stopped my whining…

When we arrived outside the little theater, I liked how they placed the rectangular lanterns, tracing the red carpet leading to the doors of the event. There were big posters on the walls for picture taking. Like…we’re literally on the red carpet but it was kinda dim when the lanterns are your only light source.

When we entered the little theater, my eyes widened by the effort done in the decorations. The ceiling. The  slit brown doors at the sides. They were all covered. I know it’s supposed to be like that. But after all my months, days of going in and out of the little theater, I have never ever seen it like this. The stage of course was fascinating. It kinda remind me of my debut as noticed by Yves.

We took our seats and we waited for the program to start. As usual, it doesn’t start on time; “Filipino time”. Kuya JC had to leave to attend a meeting. I was left with the three girls, my three “sisters”. Haha we had a thing going on among us and our artistic director. He’s kinda like our “father” and we are his daughters. Haha the whole thing is amusing. We’re a unicorn family since one of my “sisters” started showing the music video. Haha it was fun at being such.

Anyway, Yves got up too just to get a copy of the flow of the program. When she returned, I borrowed it from her. Seeing over the two column page, it’s going to be a long night. Besides…after the program, we are going to have dinner and reception at the Magis roof deck (this time I’m referring to a building Haha).

Scanning over the brochure, I had to stop at one section. My eyebrows raised a bit and I had to blink a couple of times to make sure what’s being shown over the colored paper. It’s really…real, although, I wasn’t actually afraid or shaken about it. No heart raising routines…but I really hope Kuya JC comes back before it happens. His meeting with whoever he is meeting with won’t be that long, right?

The awards started with a Burlesque touch. Girls dancing and one singing like Chirstina Aguilera. Well, not intentionally I guess. She sounds good but the dancers looked like they were making unsure movements. It looks all messy. Well, sorry about that…

The rest of the parts were blurry to me. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t participating…I was kinda lightheaded at that moment. Honest. The atmosphere of the place and the event must’ve gave me some jolt or something. It must be the air or something.

Throughout the program, it was all awards here and there to teachers, organizations, students who contributed in certain things or who started a beneficial program. There’s few who were awarded for their help in the tragedy Sendong like the one who made the “Help CDO” logo that spread throughout the internet locally, nationally and even internationally.

Thankfully, Kuya JC arrived before it happened. Not last minute but long enough before it happens. We were able to show it to him though. He was shocked a bit. We both knew we didn’t submit any forms to be one of the nominees. And yet, there’s our organization’s name under the Achievement for Cultural & Artistic Excellence. I then remembered that the hosts mentioned of connecting with XCCA so I guess that’s why we’re in the list. Our company manager was kinda puzzled. Maybe trying to guess if we would go up stage or not. I was positive that we are going up stage.

And I was correct! Plus, we were the first ones to be called to receive that award. I wasn’t nervous but I was conscious of what I was wearing. Even though I covered up the problem of my bare arms showing with my black jacket, it kinda felt or looked inappropriate or unsuitable. Hell…I try to forget about it. I just added some acting…like I was having colds or something.

I pushed Kuya JC up the stage. When he was shown on the spotlight, some people started cheering. People who knew our company manager I suppose. He waved to them as we went up stage. I didn’t dare look at the audience. I just continued to smile and stare at Kuya JC and the ones who presented our award.

I don’t remember much of Kuya JC’s speech. Sorry. Again, I was lightheaded at that time. All I do remember is he appreciated it and thanked our organization and our artistic director. I wish I could add or help but I didn’t feel that budge or anything. As soon as Kuya JC ran out of things to say, our XCCA head, Sr. Hobart, who presented the award to us, helped us by giving a small coach “Thank you”. Kuya JC and I said it together that made the audience smile and laugh at how funny we looked. We went down and I was eager to sit down and hide.

My mind stopped at the idea when we got to meet the president of our school, Fr. Bobby Yap, along the way. I put on my best smile as he stood up to shake my hand. I responded with a Thank you. I then cheerily went back to our seats with Kuya JC behind me. Hahaha I remember that I was like telling myself and to my “sisters” that I ACTUALLY shook Fr. Bobby’s hand and that I wouldn’t wash it off. Haha how childish of me. I just felt like meeting a celebrity.

We were so glad we won a Magis Award!

Awards and videos ran by after. When it was over, we went up for dinner and entertainment, a Magis Awards plus. The food was great! Haha As a group, our mood was lifting because of the presence of a trophy. A trophy that’s ours. Haha how dramatic.. We texted or rather sent a group message to the rest of the DA members especially Fia, Kuya Ryan (our artistic director), Dennis and Arfil.

The rest of the night was enjoyable and we left as soon as rain started falling  down on us.

Next day, I brought the award to our Leveling Off meeting in the conference room of XCCA. Their faces lighted up when they saw it. We even took a picture of it after our meeting.

We all agreed of the fact that we deserve it. We have given a lot of efforts to our craft, to theater. It’s our passion. By the fact we always go home late, adjust with our busy schedules, deal with different kinds of problems like personal ones and studies, and handle difficulties during performances, we truly deserve a Magis award, an achievement award for doing more in our efforts. And may I add, we’re not Drama, we are Theatre. Char…Haha

Live long, Dulaang Atenista!



“Boys will be Boys”

“It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt”

WARNING: Spoiler alert if you haven’t watched the movie yet.

Synopsis: Three high school friends gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery. Soon, though, they find their lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as they embrace their darker sides. (by IMDb.)

Ok…I’ve watched this like…twice! Just so you know, after the first time I watched it, I planned to make a movie review of it but I didn’t have time. In my first time, I watched it with my family. This is kinda one of the few movies I watched where I haven’t seen the trailer. I’m always updated of the latest movies through youtube but college life has been tough, you know. As we were in front of SM cinema, my brother was like “let’s go for Chronicle“. I was expecting it will be something dark and deep…I don’t know how else I’m going to describe it…I was just staring at the poster, figuring out what it’s about.

My dad asked the ticket seller about the movie and all I heard was an actor name “Michael Jordan”. We all thought the famous basketball player was there. Funny. I kinda felt excited because it sounded interesting…no, not the Michael Jordan part. I don’t know…maybe because of the looks of the poster, I guess.

When we were in and watching, it was all Andrew’s (main char.) video camera’s point of view. I was waiting all along for the view to change. It didn’t…and I thought, oh, so they’re using that technique. Nice. I really love the technique they were using. Kinda first point of view but ok, nonetheless. Yet, there comes to the point where it becomes…overreacting, if that’s the correct term I’m using. Well, yes, Andrew, along with his other 2 guy friends, has the power to use telekinesis; moving objects with their mind but how they use that advantage in order to have a good shot of the scenes was kinda…not good. I mean, it’s weird for Andrew to always take a video of everything he’s doing…especially when he’s using telekinesis to have his video cam float in the air and capture everything.

Another part was near the ending, when Andrew was our of control and Matt, his cousin, was trying to stop him. They were flying by the wide windows on top of this skyskraper. Andrew was gazing weirdly to the citizens as they were taking video of the whole scene. I-pads, cellphones, camcorders were everywhere. Andrew then broke the windows, took all of the devices and made them float by each of his side so…what? In order to continue taking a video? I didn’t get that part actually why Andrew would do that.

 Well, it’s understandable that they should have this shot and this shot so for the story to be understandable to the audience. It’s hard when using that kind of cinematic technique.

Next…um…the actors. I haven’t seen them before. Really. Although, they look familiar to me especially Dane DeHaan (Andrew). If you ask me who does he look like, he kinda looks like Leonardo Di Caprio (when he was in Titanic. Thanks to Arfil.), the guy from the Disney TV series “Sonny with a chance“, and a young James McAvoy (I love this guys <3). Hahaha.

For me, they did good in this film. And the actor of Steve is actually Michael Jordan…but not basket ball star but Michael B. Jordan. I was kinda laughing about this. Hehe. I really don’t know his background but really, all the actors were great. I really don’t know about Alex Russell (Matt, cousin of Andrew) though…I don’t know if it’s the acting or I just don’t like his character. Haha.

 Ok, the effects…they were great. Being a movie lover, I kinda know the tricks in the effects. Although, I still need more experiences and lessons from the tutorials my father gave me. Anyway, the effects this movie showed were great but let’s just say I looked to close to see a slight flaw. It was kinda clear that they are showing the effects especially the “scaring the little girl with a floating teddy bear” part. I’m just saying what I saw so no harm done.

Next, the story itself…have I talked about it? Nah? Alright. The story is unique but the only thing common is the moral. Of course. The moral for me was the burden of using the powers you have. The quote Andrew’s mom gave him “I am stronger than this” was intended to be thought positively, used positively, resulting to a positive matter. But in the end, Andrew used it in a bad way. He repeated that quote in the ending, telling his cousin, Matt, that he is stronger than this while they were floating by that tall skyscraper.

Poor Andrew. It’s understood that he has gone through a lot of things in life. His father was horrible to him. His mother is…dying. He had no good friends. He’s really distant to everyone. His want, his desire was to simply fit in with everyone. When he finally have these awesome powers and a couple of friends along with him, he didn’t realize he was on his way towards it. What was his downfall was his emotions, his past, his quick thoughts when going through challenges. When he lost one of his friends, Steve, everything just got back to the way it was but worse.

Somehow, all I can say is that Andrew has grow insane, lost in his own thoughts after a lot of things happening to him. He then used his powers to get back with the ones who bullied like pulling their teeth off. Rather than just getting back at them, he kinda uses them as a test target or such. It was reckless.

The ending was intense I tell was Andrew’s anger towards, what it looks like, to everyone and even everything. He thought to himself, as what he researched during those becoming insane times, as an “Apex Predator”, top of the food chain. Killing his prey with no mercy, no guilt, no remorse, no emotions, no feelings…he was becoming an animal.

He even sounded like one.

Matt tried to stop him but it was so hard to get through that thick stubborn head of his cousin. When he saw that everyone, who didn’t deserve it, was getting hurt, he had to do what he had to do. He killed his own cousin. It was…well, mind blowing and a shock. All throughout the movie, you are along with Andrew, feeling his emotions, his story, his journey. When you just see him die, it’s felt like…you know, his life gone to waste because of how much he overwhelmed himself with much power and his own thoughts piling up.

In the end, it gave a small happy pinch. Matt, the only one of their kind, has reached Tibet, the place Andrew wanted to go to.

Overall in the story, it was great. I love it. That’s why I kinda watched twice. Hehe…

Ok, overall in this film? I’d say the same thing great but needs a itsy bitsy work in it. That’s all.

When was the second time I watched this? I was watching it with my friends, my fellow Dulaang Atenista, my fellow mindbenders, at Gaisano. They were Kuya Ryan, Ate Gene, Dennis, Arfil and Fia. They love the film and this is what they have to say after I questioned them:

“The movie was ok…but it’s not groundbreaking. It’s like what would happen to Peter Parker (Spiderman) if he reacted differently to his powers. I’m not really a fan of that cinematic technique though.”
-Kuya Ryan; director in Dulaang Atenista Mind bender Films

“It was good. I hate Andrew for being so stubborn thought it isn’t his fault. I think. But overall it was awesome!”
– Fia; Dulaang Atenista Mind bender Films

“It was ok. But some scenes were done just for the sake that it would look like a documentary. Like the girlfriend (he meant the girl Matt likes) with a cam and when Andrew took away the gadgets of the people and tape himself”
– Arfil; Actor, Dulaang Atenista & Mind bender films

It was funny and cool. Awesome movie actually. And all those gayshit scenes”
 Dennis; Actor, Dulaang Atenista Mind bender films

So there you guys have it 🙂 I have warned you that this is a spoiler. If you have watched the movie then wonderful! Give me your thoughts about the movie in your comments! Thank you very much 🙂

As I have always said, I am a certified movie lover and goer and have a passion in film making or video editing. I am still going to make more reviews in more movies, books and what not.

Take care!


Happy “Appreciation” Day

February 14, 2012

Valentines day…Before, I normally treat it as like any other day. Really. Well, from grade school to highschool I was quite fond of it and even jealous of all the couples around me. You don’t know to what extent. It’s quite complicated since I’m kinda having multiple personalities. During those years, I would hope in that day that someone would give me a rose or a heart or something that will make my day and make me know that a certain someone likes me. Well, the wait was worthless.

Fortunately, that particular events were far gone from my mind. All those times though I inevitably do the chasing I guess. Such a tired sport and very hurtful too. If you were my blockmate this year and known friends ever since what…this time, you already have said that I have change. Maybe you’re one of those friends who think that I have found someone, totally fell in love or inspired.

Inspired, yes, but in a sense a certain someone was such a pain through 1st year college until now and finally made me realize. So…yes, I have come into terms with myself and my feelings then changed into my old carefree self. Quite independent, I do think. You saw me wearing dark eye shadow, black eyeliner, blush on, and wedge shoes. You think what I have said you would. But that is not the case. Well, that will be explained in another post. Moving on to the V day, my fellow readers.

This year, I seriously treat Valentines day as a day of appreciation. Well, in the dark behind of my mind, I thought I was going to end up as one of those sour grapes after all the crap I’ve been through with love. Well, I seem to turn out well actually, thank you very much.

I appreciated my family (though, I did not give gifts to them but my love and thanks) and friends.

That day I was treating like it was any other day but with some special care to the special people in my life. You see, I plan to buy gifts for them. Really…it’s those products from cupid! Ugh, I know right? I don’t know what else to give…can you not avoid those stuff of pink and red? Sheesh…

But then it hit me, the best gifts are those handmade, made with effort, made with love and care…duh! Let’s give some points to the smart lady! Haha! No, I don’t think the source was all from those romantic movies I watch, guh…so I got one of my favorites in one of my mom’s delicacies made and that is the Chocolate – dipped chocolate cake balls. I am telling you they are awesome! Delicious! (Check out our business in Facebook and in Multiply!)

So, yes, there are limitations, minimums…and there I only gave 6 of my special friends. I was really excited. Though, I regret in forgetting the other special people in life. They shall not be forgotten! I’m going to make more!

Anyway, 3 of them are alumnis, still members of our school’s resident theater organization: Director Kuya Ryan, and actors, Dennis and Arfil. Thank God I have free time which is 2:35pm – 4:00 pm after my Finance 11 subject. Although, throughout that period of time, I was busy too. I remembered I have to print some things (costly. tsk. tsk.), make some small letters to attach to the gifts, and receive 2 valentine cakes from dad for delivery.

Although, so far in that time, only Fia and Kuya Ryan have received their gifts. Dennis, Arfil, Sheila and Yves received theirs during my 5:15 – 5:35pm free time…between Religious Studies 20 and Business Administration 11. They really love the chocolates and I’m glad. Hopefully, they read and kept the small letters I wrote to them.

Who I have forgotten, they’ll never be left like that, I’m so gonna have to make more for them, you know!

It felt great to give…especially in Christmas…and yeah, Valentines Day! Well, it goes to show that you don’t need a lover or a boyfriend to celebrate the special day. For me, it’s about love for the people you care about, who you spend time with, who you appreciate for all the times and the things they’ve done. Not always about love for the one and only guy or girl in your life, your boyfriend, love and what there it is to them.

I treat things positively quite well now. Thanks to the so called “new me”. I wouldn’t call that though. Like I said, it’s the comeback of the carefree independent me *winks*.

Although, I have been literally sick that day…some sick things took its toll on me. Nothing mean but bad coincidences. It’s like wherever I enter a surprise courting event plays about right in front of me. I had looked up above towards God and asked why. My expression was always like “What the heck?”…but I’m not against it or anything it’s just that I can’t believe the coincidence in all this. Hahaha, no, I wasn’t allowing it to rub into my face, mind or heart. I just let it pass and think “Sigh, teen love…”

I haven’t received any Valentines gift and I never expected any. Though, I received lot of Valentine greetings from guys and even hugs from my guy friends. Awww… But that night, I received a wonderful gift….from my oh so loving father. Awwww, I know right? Well, he had said that he was going to give me my favorite chocolate, Toblerone, as a Valentine’s gift to me. I really was happy. I haven’t eaten that chocolate for a long, long time! Hahaha!

So, guys, don’t be such a sour grape in Valentines day! It’s not always for those who have lovers, boyfriends, girlfriends…it’s for those people who are special in your life. Other than being called Valentines day, it’s an “Appreciation day”! Appreciate the people who you love and care like your friends and family. Celebrate like how I did it, positively. Maybe you can celebrate it in a better way than mine.

Next Valentines Day! Hahaha! Everyday it is!

Mind Bender Films: The Cinemagis Magic [January 23, 2012]

umm…ignore the coming soon 😛

I may not be the first one to post something about this year’s Cinemagis held January 20, 2012 at SM Atrium. Mainly, the source is from the guys of Mindbenders. Well…hey, I’m one of them too 😉 Anyway, not being the only one typing this kind of post and being late for it, I’m still going to type away.

In all honesty, this is the first time I’m joining the Cinemagis awards night. I have watched films from Cinemagis but never joined an awards night. I also have never been part of Cinemagis until now when I was one of the Assistant Directors of our film, “BF“. Let me have this chance to say that I’m honored to be a part of it. Well, all my life I have always wanted to be a part of a film production.

After such unsuspecting initiation brought by no other than the director himself, I was officially “mindbended” as they say. Haha Because of such term, it’s hard not to laugh. Although, I find it amusing and yet heartwarming…even during such tragedy that has happened in our city.

Anyway, back to present and few days ago— It was such a sad part on me during that day (even though I was happy nonetheless). Kinda because I was late. Well, it’s a forgiving reason for them but not for me. Wish I could have skipped class…but, midterms is midterms. Not the midterm exams by the way…it’s a study review thing…well, finishing the chapters for midterm that is.

Funny though…the Cinemagis Awards night starts at 6:30pm. My class ends at 6:55/7:00pm. Luckily, we ended early but then my BA teacher was fooling around by stalling our dismissal. As I was standing up with my bag ready to sway along with me to catch a jeepney going to sm, Sir was still sitting down and asked for questions before he drank from his coffee filled tumbler. My face dropped and I suspect that he was waiting for the dismissal time to tick. Oh God…I have an Awards night to catch. Being the stupid girl that I am, I didn’t shout like the individual girl that I am in the inside. I just waited and yet yell small “I have an Awards Night to attend to..” sentences here and  there. I was kinda agitated.

Fortunately, I have announced all about it (well, not all) to my blockmates…especially through that early morning gm (group message) I sent. One of them, Sheila Macabale, saw me all anxious. She soon got the attention of Sir. I was nervous and uncomfortable about the situation because most of the class had their eyes on me as Sheila explained my situation. And yet, I felt all proud when Sir asked about what film I’m in. Of course, I told our film and mind you, I claimed that I was the Assistant Director and no other position.

And with that, Sir let me go without saying another word. People were whispering such that I didn’t care to understand but I leave them a sticky-thee-tongue-out goodbye. As I left, I suddenly hear a groan from the room. Inside me, I was laughing victoriously…and at the same time, anxious.

I didn’t want to miss this.

At that time, I was asking why did it have to be on the time when I have a class going on. Sigh, oh well… When I reached there (after traffic and anxious waiting), the first person I met was Kuya Ryan, our Film Director. He just smiled and showed me an envelope saying…I guess, it said Best Cinematograhy. I then realized it started na….even though no one updated me about it and my mother txted “it hasn’t started yet”. I missed the awarding of 4 awards…which belonged to US!!

It just started and we already won 4 awards?! It was an indescribable feeling. It would have boosted up if I were there from the beginning (gah, evening classes).

I first went to my parents who were at Juice & Co., behind the audience. They congratulated me and Mind bender films. I dropped my things there especially my supposed-to-wear-just-in-case formal attire. Before I arrived, I already decided not to wear it since I’m not gonna go up the center stage. Met up with the rest of the crew and got to see Dennis’ Best Story trophy.

I was so proud of him. When he held it up with joy, I know how much he deserves it.

Really. As a writer and as a friend, I was inspired of Dennis. He wrote a short yet unique story, only to be backed up by a true conversation he had kinda same with the film. He inspired me because…he has reached this far. He has won what he deserves. I was glad that God answered my prayers 🙂

I already told Dennis through twitter that “We can do this”  and “cross our fingers :)”. Well, here he is.

I’m inspired to be like him. If he can reach that far then I can. I’ve stopped writing not so long ago because I wasn’t motivated or I kept on having this so called writer’s block or even been too busy with college life. No matter now…I’m gonna write. And write. And someday, I’m gonna have a Best Story trophy too 😉 I wanna thank Dennis for being one of my inspirations now and a great friend 🙂

Moving forward— As I held up my DSLR up and capture every moment in the awards night, the flow was great. Videos, previews here and there. Certificates, recognition, acknowledgement gone by there and here. I almost thought that it was ending already. I was supposed to ask Fia, who was beside me, if it was over…until the hosts  announced about the next set of awards…Aw…

It was an unbelievable night. We won 7 awards out of 9 awards (but we were nominated 8 awards). It was mind blowing of how it came to this. Everyone was so happy. I was…lightheaded in those moments when our film is called out and claimed to be the winner of such award. I couldn’t say I was empty. I was just…overwhelmed.

7 out of 9 awards…wow…

Best Cinematography
Best in Art Direction
Best in Editing 
Best Story
Best Actor
Best Director
Best Short Film

Not minding how uncomfortable it is to wear uniform among the crowd wearing casual attire, I stood up on stage along with my fellow mind benders 🙂 We rocked out Cinemagis!! Woot! We were all thankful for each other. I thank, we thank especially to our beloved actors, Sheila and Kuya Franz. We are thankful for them for giving us their time in doing this. They are awesome! Big thumbs up for the two of them.

I also wanna thank, again, Dennis for a wonderful piece he has presented to us and for the inspiration *salutes*. And of course, our director, Kuya Ryan, for bringing this piece to life, into the big screen and to the viewers…and also for bringing us to Mind Benders ;D char! Haha

We all wanna thank the rest of the Mind benders and our supporters like Fia, Arfil, Jonathan, Yves, Ate Gene and the list goes on…

That night was one of the most wonderful nights I ever had! Ugh…so many thoughts and feelings all yet to describe that night but I couldn’t really put it into words. Sigh, so hard.

Well…there’s only one expression that I can put out to maybe sum up the feeling that night…