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Moongazing & Photography

Haven’t blogged for a long time :\ Well, previously, at December 26, 2011, my family and I went to Manila for the usual birthday gift for my bro which his birthday is on the said date and of course, for Christmas break and lastly for a Family reunion & New Year’s Celebration with my dad’s family 🙂 tradition ever since..

But anyway 🙂 My family’s Olympus DSLR has finally arrived from maintenance! I miss it so! :B Haha During our car rides in Manila, I heard our favorite radio station, Magic 89.9, talk about what’s cool and not cool. They say that there are people who get DSLR’s because they think they’ll loo cool with it. They especially mention the FB people who takes pictures of themselves in the mirror using the said subject 😛 Haha

No, I’m not one of those people. I have a passion for photography ever since I laid eyes on those photos I see in the internet or those posters or billboards I see around me in the cities and wherever. I have learned photo editing and how to take good (not the best) pictures (other than filming and blahblah ugh, yep, so many hobbies). Dad loves photography too. As far as I can remember, he mentioned he liked to do “Photo-manipulation”. I kinda know the easy ones but beyond that is just mind-fucked 😐 seriously..i dont have time..oh well…

Since dad loves Photography (since I don’t know), he taught me the ways and even gave me CD tutorials of photo editing in photoshop (that’s how it all began), the loving father he is 🙂 thanks dad!

Without all the help from Dad, I wouldn’t be able to have this love of ART 🙂 I wouldn’t be able to like and be good at film, photo editing…well, that’s it…if not, I would only have drawing, writing and just use my imagination in creating my own movie ideas, music video ideas…


Well, since I have the DSLR back :), the first pictures…I can’t exactly remember but anyway, the highlight among the pictures were all the “Moon” ones. The past few days and like…I think, a day after our arrival here in CDO, we got to see a moon surrounded by a perfect halo.

It kinda looks like an eye for me. It amazes me but it creeps out my cousin and my mom. Haha don’t know why but if I look a little longer, yeah, there’s a reason to feel creepy about it. About my it-looks-like-an-eye comment, well, yeah, it looks like an eye diba (right)? I try to even imagine that it’s the eye of God. Ok, that’s scary…

But not as scary as the Helix Nebula a.k.a. “The Eye of God” O.o

When I saw it, it gave a tingle to my bones or something…even       goosebumps…eljdlelakslqkqsl~

Anyway…let’s keep our eyes away from the picture of Helix Nebula now and move on… (but it’s still beautiful, right? 🙂 haha)

After another few days, there was another night where the moon shines very bright and the condition of the clouds make it look like one of those nights in those werewolf movies or TV shows. Yeah, there would be that glistening, shadowy on one side cloud that covers a part of the moon. “Awooooo…” I would imagine a werewolf or wolf howling. Haha

The moon was beautiful so I have to take pictures of it :B


kinda blurry and filled with noise but yeah, I try to take the best I could 🙂

Hmm, might be hanging on to taking pictures of moon then Haha until I find a telescope (the one thing I want since I was in late grade school or early highschool years :\). I love stargazing. “Moongazing” (there’s no such word) is wonderful too 🙂

Looking up in the night sky is one of the most spectacular and amazing things in my life…in life. You just look up and the more you stare, the more you become a part of it. Then your mind states out questions, thoughts…while you’re mind sets in the feeling that you’re floating in space…in an eternity.

The night sky, the stars..they are all just beautiful 🙂


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