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Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows

What do you see?


…and that is my curse.”


I was really hoping to watch this movie ever since it came out. Honestly, I didn’t expect they would make another one but what the heck was I thinking, of course, they should! They shouldn’t let an epic idea die in the movie world!

Dad asked me about the story of the 1st one but..ugh, I can’t remember. All I remember this is quite better than the first one. I’m just following the hunch I have, a feeling. There’s more intellectual zoning her ya know! Haha that’s just the awesome part about Sherlock.

As I’ve heard from one of my parents’ friends whom we just met at Mcdo just before we watch the movie itself, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows has better reviews compared to the first one. Well, that’s an epic bravo if you ask me.

It really was awesome! Mind blowing when  it comes to the twists and turns brought about by Sherlock at any intense situation. My mind can only catch up at few times especially the bombing of a hotel meeting, one of the plans of the villain of the movie.

Good so far knowing that Robert Downey Jr. just came from rehab. My dad was all smiles and a joking face when he said that. He just came from rehab and he’s already pulled in doing a movie. I just love Robert! 😀

I love how he acts in Sherlock Holmes! In Iron man? Mmm…I really hate that cocky, overconfident side of him…it kinda gets in my nerves. Haha

Don’t know but Robert really plays wonderfully as Sherlock for me. I couldn’t find a better Sherlock than him ;p Mmm..there are a few but can’t say any names :\

Jude Law was magnificent as usual Haha! Jude playing as Dr. Watson is very well placed. There are so many kinds of Dr. Watsons that I actually pictured. Mostly, a fat man but in this movie, he would only slow Sherlock down and, well, there would be much of a different taste of comedy in here. Surely. Although, this kind of Dr. Watson is much better than any other so no argument about that.

And yes, the Dr. Watson-annoyed-by-Sherlock’s-random-experiments-on-his-pet kind is perfect. Now, in the movie, yes, he’s getting married and then married…blahblah…endangered and yes, but they’re okie dokie. Happy comings and all 😀 Haha

The action and adventure was great. When it comes to Holmes, there would always be that pausing moments and through his intellectual zoning, analyzing predictable moves and create strategies and tactics.

The slow down effects was mind blowing….especially when they were escaping and running though the forest of trees towards the train.

Ah, no worries, there’s always the funny parts. And speaking of which, my favorite funny quote from Sherlock (not surely but what I heard):

“If we stop, although, we may kill him (your brother), we will be able to save the rest of civilization….No pressure.”

Funny in a sense they are going to stop or may kill Madam Simza’s brother from killing an ambassador. The punchline “No pressure” with a plain tone in it just makes it ticklishly funny. Just imagine the faces of Dr. Watsong and Simza for hearing that line.

Another line, when Simza asked “What do you see?” and Sherlock answered “Everything….and that is my curse.” while they were dancing. It really says something about Sherlock and his abilities. His mind, his intellect can’t stand analyzing things and details in a flick. He’s simply amazing. The gift he carries is great but at the same time it gives him trouble by solving such crimes. The Mentalist is nothing compared to our Sherlock :p although, I may not be right in making the right comparisons ehehe

Overall, the movie was awesome to watch. It is a must watch 😉

Right now, after such movie, Sherlock is kinda stuck in my head. I kinda wanna act like him, talk like him, and even think like him. Heck, he’s kinda literally stuck in my head…like I can hear his voice telling me what do and act. Haha Weird but feels all tingly of some sort.

Ok,  yeah, it’s Robert Downey Jr.’s voice…Hahaha

Review by Megan 🙂


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