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“Boys will be Boys”

“It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt”

WARNING: Spoiler alert if you haven’t watched the movie yet.

Synopsis: Three high school friends gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery. Soon, though, they find their lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as they embrace their darker sides. (by IMDb.)

Ok…I’ve watched this like…twice! Just so you know, after the first time I watched it, I planned to make a movie review of it but I didn’t have time. In my first time, I watched it with my family. This is kinda one of the few movies I watched where I haven’t seen the trailer. I’m always updated of the latest movies through youtube but college life has been tough, you know. As we were in front of SM cinema, my brother was like “let’s go for Chronicle“. I was expecting it will be something dark and deep…I don’t know how else I’m going to describe it…I was just staring at the poster, figuring out what it’s about.

My dad asked the ticket seller about the movie and all I heard was an actor name “Michael Jordan”. We all thought the famous basketball player was there. Funny. I kinda felt excited because it sounded interesting…no, not the Michael Jordan part. I don’t know…maybe because of the looks of the poster, I guess.

When we were in and watching, it was all Andrew’s (main char.) video camera’s point of view. I was waiting all along for the view to change. It didn’t…and I thought, oh, so they’re using that technique. Nice. I really love the technique they were using. Kinda first point of view but ok, nonetheless. Yet, there comes to the point where it becomes…overreacting, if that’s the correct term I’m using. Well, yes, Andrew, along with his other 2 guy friends, has the power to use telekinesis; moving objects with their mind but how they use that advantage in order to have a good shot of the scenes was kinda…not good. I mean, it’s weird for Andrew to always take a video of everything he’s doing…especially when he’s using telekinesis to have his video cam float in the air and capture everything.

Another part was near the ending, when Andrew was our of control and Matt, his cousin, was trying to stop him. They were flying by the wide windows on top of this skyskraper. Andrew was gazing weirdly to the citizens as they were taking video of the whole scene. I-pads, cellphones, camcorders were everywhere. Andrew then broke the windows, took all of the devices and made them float by each of his side so…what? In order to continue taking a video? I didn’t get that part actually why Andrew would do that.

 Well, it’s understandable that they should have this shot and this shot so for the story to be understandable to the audience. It’s hard when using that kind of cinematic technique.

Next…um…the actors. I haven’t seen them before. Really. Although, they look familiar to me especially Dane DeHaan (Andrew). If you ask me who does he look like, he kinda looks like Leonardo Di Caprio (when he was in Titanic. Thanks to Arfil.), the guy from the Disney TV series “Sonny with a chance“, and a young James McAvoy (I love this guys <3). Hahaha.

For me, they did good in this film. And the actor of Steve is actually Michael Jordan…but not basket ball star but Michael B. Jordan. I was kinda laughing about this. Hehe. I really don’t know his background but really, all the actors were great. I really don’t know about Alex Russell (Matt, cousin of Andrew) though…I don’t know if it’s the acting or I just don’t like his character. Haha.

 Ok, the effects…they were great. Being a movie lover, I kinda know the tricks in the effects. Although, I still need more experiences and lessons from the tutorials my father gave me. Anyway, the effects this movie showed were great but let’s just say I looked to close to see a slight flaw. It was kinda clear that they are showing the effects especially the “scaring the little girl with a floating teddy bear” part. I’m just saying what I saw so no harm done.

Next, the story itself…have I talked about it? Nah? Alright. The story is unique but the only thing common is the moral. Of course. The moral for me was the burden of using the powers you have. The quote Andrew’s mom gave him “I am stronger than this” was intended to be thought positively, used positively, resulting to a positive matter. But in the end, Andrew used it in a bad way. He repeated that quote in the ending, telling his cousin, Matt, that he is stronger than this while they were floating by that tall skyscraper.

Poor Andrew. It’s understood that he has gone through a lot of things in life. His father was horrible to him. His mother is…dying. He had no good friends. He’s really distant to everyone. His want, his desire was to simply fit in with everyone. When he finally have these awesome powers and a couple of friends along with him, he didn’t realize he was on his way towards it. What was his downfall was his emotions, his past, his quick thoughts when going through challenges. When he lost one of his friends, Steve, everything just got back to the way it was but worse.

Somehow, all I can say is that Andrew has grow insane, lost in his own thoughts after a lot of things happening to him. He then used his powers to get back with the ones who bullied like pulling their teeth off. Rather than just getting back at them, he kinda uses them as a test target or such. It was reckless.

The ending was intense I tell was Andrew’s anger towards, what it looks like, to everyone and even everything. He thought to himself, as what he researched during those becoming insane times, as an “Apex Predator”, top of the food chain. Killing his prey with no mercy, no guilt, no remorse, no emotions, no feelings…he was becoming an animal.

He even sounded like one.

Matt tried to stop him but it was so hard to get through that thick stubborn head of his cousin. When he saw that everyone, who didn’t deserve it, was getting hurt, he had to do what he had to do. He killed his own cousin. It was…well, mind blowing and a shock. All throughout the movie, you are along with Andrew, feeling his emotions, his story, his journey. When you just see him die, it’s felt like…you know, his life gone to waste because of how much he overwhelmed himself with much power and his own thoughts piling up.

In the end, it gave a small happy pinch. Matt, the only one of their kind, has reached Tibet, the place Andrew wanted to go to.

Overall in the story, it was great. I love it. That’s why I kinda watched twice. Hehe…

Ok, overall in this film? I’d say the same thing great but needs a itsy bitsy work in it. That’s all.

When was the second time I watched this? I was watching it with my friends, my fellow Dulaang Atenista, my fellow mindbenders, at Gaisano. They were Kuya Ryan, Ate Gene, Dennis, Arfil and Fia. They love the film and this is what they have to say after I questioned them:

“The movie was ok…but it’s not groundbreaking. It’s like what would happen to Peter Parker (Spiderman) if he reacted differently to his powers. I’m not really a fan of that cinematic technique though.”
-Kuya Ryan; director in Dulaang Atenista Mind bender Films

“It was good. I hate Andrew for being so stubborn thought it isn’t his fault. I think. But overall it was awesome!”
– Fia; Dulaang Atenista Mind bender Films

“It was ok. But some scenes were done just for the sake that it would look like a documentary. Like the girlfriend (he meant the girl Matt likes) with a cam and when Andrew took away the gadgets of the people and tape himself”
– Arfil; Actor, Dulaang Atenista & Mind bender films

It was funny and cool. Awesome movie actually. And all those gayshit scenes”
 Dennis; Actor, Dulaang Atenista Mind bender films

So there you guys have it 🙂 I have warned you that this is a spoiler. If you have watched the movie then wonderful! Give me your thoughts about the movie in your comments! Thank you very much 🙂

As I have always said, I am a certified movie lover and goer and have a passion in film making or video editing. I am still going to make more reviews in more movies, books and what not.

Take care!



Happy “Appreciation” Day

February 14, 2012

Valentines day…Before, I normally treat it as like any other day. Really. Well, from grade school to highschool I was quite fond of it and even jealous of all the couples around me. You don’t know to what extent. It’s quite complicated since I’m kinda having multiple personalities. During those years, I would hope in that day that someone would give me a rose or a heart or something that will make my day and make me know that a certain someone likes me. Well, the wait was worthless.

Fortunately, that particular events were far gone from my mind. All those times though I inevitably do the chasing I guess. Such a tired sport and very hurtful too. If you were my blockmate this year and known friends ever since what…this time, you already have said that I have change. Maybe you’re one of those friends who think that I have found someone, totally fell in love or inspired.

Inspired, yes, but in a sense a certain someone was such a pain through 1st year college until now and finally made me realize. So…yes, I have come into terms with myself and my feelings then changed into my old carefree self. Quite independent, I do think. You saw me wearing dark eye shadow, black eyeliner, blush on, and wedge shoes. You think what I have said you would. But that is not the case. Well, that will be explained in another post. Moving on to the V day, my fellow readers.

This year, I seriously treat Valentines day as a day of appreciation. Well, in the dark behind of my mind, I thought I was going to end up as one of those sour grapes after all the crap I’ve been through with love. Well, I seem to turn out well actually, thank you very much.

I appreciated my family (though, I did not give gifts to them but my love and thanks) and friends.

That day I was treating like it was any other day but with some special care to the special people in my life. You see, I plan to buy gifts for them. Really…it’s those products from cupid! Ugh, I know right? I don’t know what else to give…can you not avoid those stuff of pink and red? Sheesh…

But then it hit me, the best gifts are those handmade, made with effort, made with love and care…duh! Let’s give some points to the smart lady! Haha! No, I don’t think the source was all from those romantic movies I watch, guh…so I got one of my favorites in one of my mom’s delicacies made and that is the Chocolate – dipped chocolate cake balls. I am telling you they are awesome! Delicious! (Check out our business in Facebook and in Multiply!)

So, yes, there are limitations, minimums…and there I only gave 6 of my special friends. I was really excited. Though, I regret in forgetting the other special people in life. They shall not be forgotten! I’m going to make more!

Anyway, 3 of them are alumnis, still members of our school’s resident theater organization: Director Kuya Ryan, and actors, Dennis and Arfil. Thank God I have free time which is 2:35pm – 4:00 pm after my Finance 11 subject. Although, throughout that period of time, I was busy too. I remembered I have to print some things (costly. tsk. tsk.), make some small letters to attach to the gifts, and receive 2 valentine cakes from dad for delivery.

Although, so far in that time, only Fia and Kuya Ryan have received their gifts. Dennis, Arfil, Sheila and Yves received theirs during my 5:15 – 5:35pm free time…between Religious Studies 20 and Business Administration 11. They really love the chocolates and I’m glad. Hopefully, they read and kept the small letters I wrote to them.

Who I have forgotten, they’ll never be left like that, I’m so gonna have to make more for them, you know!

It felt great to give…especially in Christmas…and yeah, Valentines Day! Well, it goes to show that you don’t need a lover or a boyfriend to celebrate the special day. For me, it’s about love for the people you care about, who you spend time with, who you appreciate for all the times and the things they’ve done. Not always about love for the one and only guy or girl in your life, your boyfriend, love and what there it is to them.

I treat things positively quite well now. Thanks to the so called “new me”. I wouldn’t call that though. Like I said, it’s the comeback of the carefree independent me *winks*.

Although, I have been literally sick that day…some sick things took its toll on me. Nothing mean but bad coincidences. It’s like wherever I enter a surprise courting event plays about right in front of me. I had looked up above towards God and asked why. My expression was always like “What the heck?”…but I’m not against it or anything it’s just that I can’t believe the coincidence in all this. Hahaha, no, I wasn’t allowing it to rub into my face, mind or heart. I just let it pass and think “Sigh, teen love…”

I haven’t received any Valentines gift and I never expected any. Though, I received lot of Valentine greetings from guys and even hugs from my guy friends. Awww… But that night, I received a wonderful gift….from my oh so loving father. Awwww, I know right? Well, he had said that he was going to give me my favorite chocolate, Toblerone, as a Valentine’s gift to me. I really was happy. I haven’t eaten that chocolate for a long, long time! Hahaha!

So, guys, don’t be such a sour grape in Valentines day! It’s not always for those who have lovers, boyfriends, girlfriends…it’s for those people who are special in your life. Other than being called Valentines day, it’s an “Appreciation day”! Appreciate the people who you love and care like your friends and family. Celebrate like how I did it, positively. Maybe you can celebrate it in a better way than mine.

Next Valentines Day! Hahaha! Everyday it is!