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Guitar Man

I thought I understood it, but I was wrong. I have to feel it, hear it and be moved by it. For 19 years of my life, I don’t know why it came to me now. Is it because I’ve become mature to understand it? Or is it because at this time, I needed it. I am reminded. I am overwhelmed by the beauty of it. Even though it may be because of the silence surrounding us, but I am just captivated by the emotion of those strings, plucked by its player. The musician, whose name I have forgotten, was neither closing his eyes nor moving. He just played what he knows. He just takes his fingers and his life, strumming and plucking the notes as he gradually glows with the music. Again, I thought I understood it, but I was wrong. I have to listen to it, to allow it and to be open to it, and yet it’s all a matter of timing.

No one can have the same exact feelings with anyone. Only you know how it feels. No one else. It’s yours to keep. It’s yours to feel and remember it. It’s  your decision on what you do with it. As for me, I let it overcome me. Let it be good or bad for me but it was my haven or like how my mom would say I’m in “my own world”. I don’t mind. It’s true anyway. Every time I’m not doing anything, my hands would be itching for my earphones to listen to any kind of music. It’s not being pessimistic. I just want something to feel to. I just want my mind to play a memory that I never had but I have felt. It’s all in the song. It’s all in the music.

I’m sure you would be asking me why am I not pursuing in playing an instrument? Or why am I not taking up singing? Or be in a band? Or writing a song? I would laugh at the singing part though. Sadly, I admit I have no talent for that. I have no great talent even in writing a song and I’m not planning to start a band even. Would it matter though if I don’t have these things? Would that even label me as a non-music lover? Surely, everyone would agree to the fact that it’s not true. We all know what matters is you love to hear it. You love to hear the sound, the beautiful melody, the voice, and the emotion. But then again, we don’t know if we have the same exact feelings that the other has in a certain moment. It is yours to know and only know.

For me, I am in love with it because I want something to wash away on. I want something to make me feel something that I want to feel. I want something that can understand what I’m going through. I want something to take me somewhere else and make it a memory. I want to be a part of it. Going back there, the cold air of the university’s theater, the unusual silence of the performers, and the wave of music brushing around us, I knew. I understood it. I had the chance to take a picture of the moment before it fades away. On that day, it was official. I am in love with music. I don’t want to take it as a side dish. I want to take it as a whole, a main event.


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