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LATE POST REVIEW: The Hunger Games

WARNING: Spoilers if you haven’t read or watch the said title 🙂

“May the odds be ever in your favor”

You must have heard that line all the time. I have and I even see them everywhere in tumblr. I’m talking about those times before the movie came out. Those times when you just saw the teaser of it. Well, if you’re one of those people who haven’t read the book before the teaser then hello to you too, buddie! I have lied a lot about reading this book during the time where the teaser has shown up..but yeah, I didn’t want to feel like a loser or someone left out. Besides, after they bring up the question if I have read the book or not and a couple of talks about it here and there, they would give up the topic after some nods from me. I know it’s so wrong but yeah, just like my previous posts, did not expect to like this.

Actually, who wouldn’t? I dare regret to not have been interested in the book in the first place, in the first time I saw it in the usual National Book Stores here in the place I grew up. I guess, I was judging the book by its cover. Sorry, to all book lovers. Don’t dare say that I am not worthy to be called book lover like you guys. That was a slight setback, alright? Ok, minor…or so. Whatever.

Anyway, I should’ve made this review days ago after I have watched the movie the second time, this time, with my family. To be honest, I have finished the book after I watched the movie the first time. It was kinda the first time for me to watch a movie where I haven’t finished its book. Ugh, the feeling is kinda bad…

The first time I watched the movie was with a bunch of my DA friends. We watched it at night because we had a strategic planning and sorts at the day. At the same time, during the planning, 2 of the “May the ODDS be ever in you favor” printed shirts were delivered to me by a friend of mine. Salutes to her! It was amazing but I didn’t like the quality of the white shirts I picked for them. I was even nervous if my friend, Dennis, would be able to fit in the shirt or even like it.

The cinema in Lim Ket Kai mall we were in kinda sucked. I thought it was normal or what but when I watch the movie the second time with my family in SM cinema, I can totally hear the sound, the music and have a clearer vision of the movie unlike where I watched with my DA friends.

Ok, about the book first…

This is how the cover of the book I got looks like..

Like how one reviewer said, it was a good book to read. Apparently, the story, the concept is very unique and creative. I don’t know but I kinda thought about this kind of concept…in maybe, some kind of different universe [laughs]. Well, if only I didn’t get to see the teaser or trailer of the movie, then I would use my own perception, my own imagination of how my mind would make its ideal setting, characters and whatnot.

How it was written, how it was presented was given casually. It’s like there wasn’t given a general description about the whole thing. It was straight. It was a walk in the park kind of feel. As a reader, you just feel like you just entered in the room of someone’s life in an instant and you have to kinda catch up. It’s not a bad thing. The way how it was put was well done. Without much descriptions and what not and the way it was delivered, you can really know what’s going on without being confused or lost. It’s a jump right in the story kind of thing. Well, that’s how I think about it..

Although, I also think the writings is reflecting how the personality of the character is since it’s first point of view of Katniss Everdeen. Of course, it was proper but I guess it’s because I haven’t encountered such in a lot of times. First point of view books that I have encountered were delicately descriptive like those of Nicholas Sparks and yeah, also the Twilight books. The Hunger Games book, like I said, felt like a “jump-right-in” kind of feel. The book looked or felt humble by its writings but it was a beautiful concept, a wonderful story. I would maybe buy the next book soon since I heard they’ll be making the movie out of it..

The movie..

Ok, I won’t be explaining and comparing and whatsoever between the 1st time and second time I watched this movie. The only difference is between the SM mall and LKK mall cinemas. Duh. SM’s cinema is way better than LKK because, like I said, I can really hear and see better in their cinema unlike LKK.

Right in the movie, it was superficially exciting. I really like how they show the setting of the story. Maybe though it’s because I had seen the trailer before I read the book and got used to its sort of atmosphere and texture that I implemented it in my imagination and don’t have my own ideals. Oh, well, too late for that.

The movie was almost perfect but what some reviews have said, as I have heard from my father, they missed out on the good stuff and the good sense of the parts of the book. There are parts there where it exists but it was kinda tweaked a bit; placed some changes. After finishing the book and saw the movie for the second time, I would generally point out in my mind the parts that were shifted.

For example, the “wolves” part. What was described in the book was Katniss saw and knew that those creatures were their competitors especially Rue. They were mutated or some sort. It wasn’t described there but well, like how my father explained and how I would consider, the ones making the movie are doing what they can to make it fit into 2 hours and maybe even to help for their own convenience. You know, they also have limitations…so yeah..

Whatever their reasons are…the movie is still awesome! [gleams]

I really enjoyed it! It’s really worth watching again and what not [laughs]. Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson and the rest of the actors, in my opinion, really fit the part. Well, the fact that I finished the book in between the 1st and 2nd time I watched its movie, it kinda depends on the timing and so on.

My parents love it. They love the concept, the idea of the story. Although, my father said he finds it impossible for such thing to happen in the future. You know, towards North America turning into Panem and yadda yadda. Well, I don’t know but that’s his talk. My father’s way of..sigh, whatever [chuckles].

The action was awesome and the feel of the movie was great! Seriously! When watching it, especially during the 2nd time, I really can’t control the giddiness inside me. It’s like I’m in a state of a new feeling…or maybe it’s just the aircon, but yeah, the movie was great. You guys who haven’t watched it, seriously, you have to [smiles].


Much love,

– Megan xx



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