the unusual events of my different lives at a catalyst

About Me


My name is Megan (That’s kind of the reason why there’s a Me in a MeLo). I am 18 years old. I am weird and hyper at times I have to admit, although, I am pretty nice. I consider and convince myself the fact that have a multiple personality and quite sensitive; that’s why I hate emotions and I wish them all away at certain times.

I am an in-progress filmmaker and writer/author; an artist.

I love to watch movies, to listen to music, to read books (fiction books/novels mostly), to do photography, to photoshop, to write, to draw or sketch, to film…

I have a thing for glasses. It’s just that…whenever I wear one. It’s a way of looking at reality at a different perspective. It’s really different when looking through those ungraded often-foggy glasses. It gives me that security, that feel of what I’m seeing…is a dream. So when I take them off, it would dawn on me that it wasn’t a dream.

I know…dangerous.

I also have a thing for notebooks. Unlike my thing for glasses, it’s quite a positive subject. Whenever I see those beautiful “my type” notebooks in those stores, I want to buy them. Keep them. Sometimes I would decide what to do with it later after I buy it. But now, I’m kinda cautious of what I’ll do with it before buying it.

I am a dreamer. I love to dream both day and night. Awake or asleep. I love to imagine anything…even the impossibilities…and especially the desires….wanting to put in reality. It’s a way for me to escape. A way for me to feel and write.

And yet…it’s a downside for me. I would feel pain…and jealous. It’s an alternate universe after all…as they said. Those dreamers with unknown stories. It’s an alternate universe of ours. We even call it as our own “perfect world”. Yeah…of course it is. Whatever it’s in there. It’s what we want to happen in the real world, in reality, in our life.

In my dreams…in my imaginations—

that’s where Emy is.


One response

  1. Escape

    Hey Mega, I was searching for the empty sky lyrics when i came by your blog, Im kina in a situation where emotions are just the disaster of living , and when i heard you were telling about emotions like that that you wish it wanna disappear , well I have the same feeling right now. I wish they have never existed. or have the ability to walk far away and not to look back at it just stays far.

    Like your point of view very much .
    Regardless of who you think I might be. I wish you all you can ask for.

    January 11, 2013 at 7:51 pm

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